A Woman's Voice

May 27 clock 04:46 AM


Heliconian Hall
Toronto, ON

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This concert celebrates CD releases by two of Canada’s most interesting and loved musicians:

  • Patricia O’Callaghan – Dark Butterflies 
  • Alice Ping Yee Ho – A Woman’s Voice

Featuring Patricia O’Callaghan (soprano), the Gryphon Trio, Ryan Davis (viola), Vania Chan (soprano), Alex Hetherington (mezzo soprano), Katy Clark (soprano), Maeve Palmer (soprano) and Jialiang Zhu (piano).

Watch a message from composer Alice Ping Yee Ho: https://youtu.be/qWjyprgFbJ8

Watch a video message from Patricia O’Callaghan: https://youtu.be/vkarQmDsLWc

Equity ticket pricing is available for anyone experiencing economic challenges. A limited number of ‘pay-what-you-will’ tickets will be available at the door.


Featured Program

The first half presents music by Alice Ping Yee Ho, in collaboration with Canadian writers Marjorie Chan, Madeleine Thien, Carole Languille, Tong Wang, Thomass Muir, Anna Camara, and Michael O’Brien from A Woman’s Voice, a new CD of music for female voice and piano.

In the second half, Patricia O’Callaghan presents Dark Butterflies, in which love, rage, heartbreak, and joy come alive in a song cycle that pulls inspiration from ancient folk melodies of Sweden, Turkey, Ireland, and more. Dark Butterflies was composed by famed composer David Braid for Patricia O’Callaghan, who also penned the text for this incredible work.