Heliconian Hall

35 Hazelton Ave

Toronto, ON

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April 07 clock 07:30 PM  Multidates

Songs Of Syria

Andrew Downing curates a program of the rich and beautiful music of Syria, featuring members of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra.Equity ticket pricing is available for anyone experiencing economic challenges. A li...More Info »

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April 16 clock 03:00 PM

Encircling The World - Lutes

We’re delighted to present the fourth concert in our Encircling the World series, an ongoing opportunity for musicians and audiences from different traditions to meet, listen, explore and collaborate.After ga...More Info »

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April 20 clock 07:30 PM


When the talented young violist Franz Weiss arrived in Vienna, it was as a member of the Schuppanzigh Quartet. He was thrust almost immediately into a collaborative relationship with Ludwig van Beethoven, also ...More Info »

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May 17 clock 08:15 PM

So You Wanna Be Americano? Intro To Italian Swing

As Southern Italy became Americanized in the years following World War II, this traditional rural society saw their young people playing baseball, smoking Camel cigarettes, and drinking whisky & sodas.  The in...More Info »

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May 26 clock 07:30 PM  Multidates

All The Diamonds

The Confluence artistic team comes together for a season finale featuring words and music inspired by the night sky.Equity ticket pricing is available for anyone experiencing economic challenges. A limited numb...More Info »

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