Encircling The World - Flutes Ii

July 16 clock 07:30 PM


Heliconian Hall
Toronto, ON

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Suggested admission $25 - but see the description!

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Presented by:

North Wind Concerts

Event Details

Encircling the World is a musical project designed to illuminate the common experience of musicians and music lovers from many traditions. Against the noise of division and polarization heard around the world, we propose a different approach, with music as the means of exploration – what do we share, what do we have in common despite apparent differences, how can we better understand one another, and what is this beautiful thing called music?

This show is part of an ongoing series of such events presented by North Wind Concerts, and focuses for a second time on flutes with the following musicians:

JIN CHO, daegeum


RENE MESHAKE, pipigwan


Bringing together flute players from four different traditions, Encircling the World: Flutes II is an evening of solo and group music making, commentary and discussion, and interaction with the audience. The flutists work in Korean, Japanese, Anishiinabeg and Indonesian playing traditions and beyond, on diverse flutes made of bamboo or wood.

Each musician will play a solo set and speak about what they see as most meaningful to share - their musical education, experience, philosophy, and/or the purpose of music in their own lives and the world at large. They will also play prepared and improvised music together, in various groupings, and the audience will also be able to interact with questions and discussion.

We’re suggesting an admission fee of $25 but feel free to offer what you wish. Anyone paying $35 or more per seat can receive a tax-deductible receipt. North Wind Concerts is a registered charitable organization.

We’re all looking forward to it – please join us for an ear- and mind-opening evening!