Carosone ‘900 - Tribute To Renato Carosone

July 06 clock 08:00 PM


Heliconian Hall
Toronto, ON

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Presented by:

Vesuvius Ensemble

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Renato Carosone was an Italian musician, singer, and songwriter, known for his contributions to the traditional Neapolitan music genre. He was particularly famous for his lively and catchy songs, such as "Tu vuò fà l'americano" and "Mambo Italiano." Carosone's music combined elements of jazz, swing, and traditional Italian folk, making him a beloved figure in Italian music history.

Renato Carosone's style can be described as a fusion of traditional Neapolitan music with elements of jazz, swing, and Latin rhythms. He was known for his vibrant and energetic performances, characterized by lively melodies, upbeat tempos, and playful lyrics. Carosone's music often incorporated catchy hooks and inventive arrangements, creating a unique and engaging sound that appealed to audiences both in Italy and internationally. His style was influential in shaping the landscape of Italian popular music, and his legacy continues to inspire musicians to this day.


Francesco Pellegrino, Voice
Lucas Harris, Giutars
Louis Simao, Accordion, Piano
Anthony Michelli, Drums
Jon Maharaj, Double bass