Confluence Concerts' Autorickshaw At 20

June 15 clock 11:00 AM


Heliconian Hall
Toronto, ON

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Event Details

A 20-year anniversary celebration of the Indo-Fusion band, featuring Suba Sankaran, Dylan Bell and Ed Hanley.

Pre-show chat at 6:45 pm. 

What awaits me?

Prepare for a genre-bending, post-fusion ride with Autorickshaw! Feast upon this masala mix of jazz, folk, pop, funk, Bollywood, north and south Indian classical music and fiery Indo-inspired originals, combined with live-looping technology. The band showcases the sultry, sophisticated vocals of Suba Sankaran, anchored by the rapid-fire bass-lines and beatboxing of Dylan Bell over a bed of blistering tabla grooves by Ed Hanley

East meets West and tradition meets innovation. Imagine a Sanskrit chant with live-looping, a song of female empowerment inspired by the highlands of India, and blistering Hindustani vocal percussion mingling with reggae and electronica, and you’ll get a glimpse of the subcontinental soundscape of Autorickshaw.


Suba Sankaran - voice, vocal percussion, sruthi/tambura (drone instrument providing key/tonal centre), tala (codified hand gestures measuring  rhythmic cycles in Indian music)

Dylan Bell- electric bass, beatboxing, voice, live-looping technology (recording/overdubbing in real-time to create multiple harmonic and rhythmic layers)

Ed Hanley - voice, tabla (pair of North Indian hand drums and principle percussion instrument in Hindustani classical music)