Jaymz & Lorenzo's Birthday Bash

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APRIL 13, 2022 6pm 

Jaymz Bee & Lorenzo DiGianfelice Birthday Concert 

This year Jaymz Bee will celebrate his bday April 13, along with his best friend and VMI partner, Lorenzo DiGianfelice who has a birthday April 14. It’s a three course dinner and two hour concert featuring Vesuvius Music recording artists. DJ Swankenstein spins. 

The VMI usual suspects will include: Irene Torres, John Finley, Queen Pepper, Jocelyn Barth, Jessica Lalonde, Genevieve Marentette, George Koller, Eric St-Laurent, Great Bob Scott, Adrean Farrugia, Bill McBirnie, Allison and many more! 

SEATING: If you purchase six seats I can hook you up with a Tables of Six (in other words, you might be dining with some of the talent if you buy only 1-4 tickets) 

Please contact jaymzbeesez@gmail.com if you have any seating questions. (Bemused don’t do seating, just tickets. They’re great!) 

Sorry, but there are no “show only” tickets available. It’s a birthday dinner party! 

All VMI products (CD’s and vinyl) as well as vintage Bee recordings will be available at the show, discounted. 

Please note: Jaymz Bee’s Caravan of Music for Unison Fund has been moved to autumn, 2022 at Old Mill Toronto. Stay tuned for more news. 

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6pm doors

8pm Surprise Guests

8:30pm VMI Showcase

10:30pm DJ Swankenstien