Graham Campbell Chamber Ensemble

June 29 clock 03:42 AM


Array Space
Toronto, ON

plus Radar

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Graham Campbell debuts his new chamber ensemble, featuring some of Canada's finest jazz and classical musicians. The music draws inspiration from composers such as Ravel, Schubert, and Britten, as well as songwriters such as Elliott Smith and Caetano Veloso, while incorporating elements of jazz and improvisation.

James Campbell- clarinet
Jessica Hana Deutsch- violin
Caitlin Boyle- viola
Ben Bolt-Martin- cello
Charles James- bass
Graham Campbell- guitar
Andy Slade- piano
Naoko Tsujita- percussion

$12 advance or $15 cash at the door.

Opening the evening will be the talented duo of Daniel Ramjattan (classical guitar) and Naoko Tsujita (percussion).

supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council