Seven Wonders

June 27 clock 12:44 AM


Small World Music
Toronto, ON

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Door price is $20 General / $15 Student

Presented by:

Spectrum Music

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From the underwater wonder of the great barrier reef to the dancing lights in the northern sky, the earth has inspired centuries of stories, art, and awe. Our fascination with the wonders of the world continue, with modern voyagers making pilgrimages to see the earth’s most marvelous sights with their own eyes. In this concert, the Spectrum composers turn to the natural world as a muse to inspire new works that celebrate the beauty and preservation of our planet. Seven new pieces by the Spectrum composers explore the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, performed by eclectic jazz/world musicians So Long Seven.


Formed in 2010, Spectrum Music is a collective of emerging Canadian composers and curators who create innovative, genre-defying themed concerts. Hosting a diverse array of performers and musicians, Spectrum's programs feature world premieres composed specifically for the concert themes. With a mandate to facilitate the creation and performance of new Canadian compositions, Spectrum aims to enrich and inspire without boundaries. With Zoe Brown at the helm as artistic director, Spectrum Music is: Mason Victoria, Chelsea McBride, Tiffany Hanus, Suzy Wilde and Jackson Welchner. https://www.spectrummusic.ca/ 


“So Long Seven is an audible garden where you didn’t realize you needed to escape to until you are there surrounded by the flora and fauna that is, Neil Hendry –guitar, William Lamoureux – violin Ravi Naimpally - tabla, and Tim Posgate- banjo. So Long Seven creates space for self-reflection while enlivening and invigorating you. It challenges the conventional ideas of the boundaries and parameters that music industry categories impose. It is jazzy, funky and derives from various continents while not being shepherded into any particular place or flavour. In this respect, SL7 teaches us about bridging cultures without appropriating, seeing ourselves and our limitations as our own making while rediscovering the joy of music.” http://www.solongseven.com/ 

Featured Program

Canyon Suite – James Ervin

Light Show – Suzy Wilde

Patricutin – Chelsea McBride

Raining on the Reef – Mason Victoria

Sagarmatha – Sina Fallah

The Mouth Of The River – Jackson Welchner

Smoke that Thunders – William Lamoureux