The Road Not Travelled

June 29 clock 02:19 AM


Alliance Fran├žaise
Toronto, ON

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Spectrum Music

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Alliance Française de Toronto – Pierre Léon Gallery

When we reflect back on our life choices and wonder “what if”, are we filled with regret, or gratitude? Maybe we see ourselves down a path we hadn’t imagined - for better or worse. But each decision made is a lesson learned and leaves us all the wiser. Drawing inspiration from Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”, new works by the Spectrum composers and featured guest composer James Lowrie delve deep into our internal struggle to quiet our mind of the hypothetical.

Our featured performers, classical guitarists Daniel Ramjattan and James Lowrie, and flute duo Flautas del Fuego, set the stage for this intimate exploration of promises unfulfilled to blessings in disguise, and the sage we become through it all.

Featured Program

'Subtle Indifference' by Graham Campbell

Subtle Indifference is inspired by the slightly sarcastic tone of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”, suggesting that not every decision is life or death, and perhaps we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously.

'If I Were You' by Chelsea McBride

I often make decisions about my life by consulting other people I trust. The underlying sentiment of that advice seeking is always : I'm not you, but if I was in your shoes - or, if I were you. But the decision, in the end, always rests with me.

'One Foot Before The Other' by Tiffany Hanus

This piece reflects on the realization that one has completed a journey without ever knowing how or where it began.

'When We Last Spoke' by Mason Victoria

When We Last Spoke follows the story of the individual at the fork of the road deciding what future to pursue. Whether they follow their dreams, follow their heart, or follow their intuition, they always consider what would have been if they chose a different path.

'Chance' by Suzy Wilde

This piece explores the small, fleeting moments of opportunity that can lead the traveler down unexpected paths. Sometimes these opportunities are encountered almost by accident and a question comes to mind: “where would I be now if things had been different?”


‘It is Very Difficult to Keep the Line Between the Past and the Present’ by guest composer James Lowrie

When I think of the poem "The Road Not Taken" I think of the cult classic documentary "Grey Gardens," in which the poem plays a big part, both thematically and literally. The two aging aristocrats that are the subject of the documentary are lost in time - the title of my piece is a drawn from some of the movie's dialogue. In the piece I try to capture how an awareness of how all of life's possible directions can make us feel lost in a maze of the past and future.