Inspired By Italy: Corelli, Vivaldi & Handel

April 15 clock 10:32 PM


Eastminster United Church
Toronto, Ontario

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Academy Concert Series

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The vocal and instrumental chamber music of Vivaldi, as well as the chamber music of Corelli emanate the passion, temperament and beauty of Italian music of the first decades of the 18th century. It also informs us of the inspiration it provided for other composers, such as Handel and Bach, who integrated these stylistic elements into their own musical vernacular. The concert, “Inspired by Italy: Corelli, Vivaldi and Handel” held on February 16, 2019 features returning special guest, soprano Nathalie Paulin and harpsichordist Christopher Bagan.

Featured Program


  • Trio Sonata Op. 5 No. 4 in G major by Handel
  • violin sonata Op. 5 no. 4 in F major by Corelli
  • Trio Sonata OP. 1 NO. 8 in D minor by Vivaldi
  • Alpestre Montre Cantata HWV 81 by Handel
  • Lungi di Vago Volto by Vivaldi
  • Passacaglia from suite in G minor for harpsichord HWV 432 by Handel
  • Trio Sonata OP. 3 no. 1 in F major by Corelli
  • Gloria in Excelsis Deo by Handel


  • Nathalie Paulin, soprano
  • Christopher Bagan, harpsichord
  • Emily Eng, violin
  • Michelle Odorico, violin
  • Kerri McGonigle, cello