Modern Ruin By Kyrie Kristmanson

October 13 clock 08:00 PM


24 Spadina Rd
Toronto, Ontario

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Aft Member, Students, Seniors

Presented by:

Alliance Fran├žaise De Toronto

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Kyrie is a Canadian artist that spent several years in Paris.

Having performed many times at Centquatre, a wonderful alternative venue in the 19 arrondissement, she is returning home to our delight. Modern Ruin is a show that draws an unexpected link between the liberty of women of the Middles Ages and the audacity of contemporary artists. It creates an enchanting atmosphere that transcends the ages.

“... Convoking the ghost of Aliénor d’Aquitaine, protector of the trobaïritz (female troubadours), Kyrie enchants with her presence and originality.” Anne Berthod - Télérama