Feldman Festival

October 25 clock 09:38 AM


Array Space
Toronto, ON

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Presented by:

Thin Edge New Music Collective

Event Details

Join us for a 2 day celebration of Morton Feldman's 80th birthday!

Featured Program

Feldman Festival Day I-Ticketed Event

September 15 – 8pm

Morton Feldman (1926-1987) Piano, violin, viola, cello (1987)
(1hr 15 min, no intermission) - Please feel free to bring a yoga mat/pillow/blanket. Will be performed in low light.


Feldman Festival Day II-Free Event

September 16 – 6:30pm
Linda Catlin Smith gives a talk on Morton Feldman's life and musical legacy.
Featuring Morton Feldman's Spring of Chosroes (1977) for violin and piano. 

Feldman Festival Day II-Ticketed Event

September 16 - 8pm

Linda Catlin Smith (b.1957) Ribbon (2001) -piano, violin, cello
Barbara Monk Feldman (b.1950’s) The Northern Shore (1997)-percussion, piano, violin


Morton Feldman (1926-1987) Three Voices (for Joan La Barbara)(1982)-for soprano and tape

Special Guest artist: Charlotte Mundy- Soprano

TENMC Performers:

Rachael Abramoff- Viola
Cheryl Duvall-piano
Nathan Petitpas-percussion
Ilana Waniuk-violin
Dobrochna Zubek-cello