Ashes Of Soldiers

June 12 clock 11:12 PM


Gallery 345
Toronto, ON

plus Radar

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Door Price is $30


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Westwood Concerts

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This dynamic soprano/piano partnership returns to Westwood Concerts for a unique and breathtaking concert program. This new arrangement of Mahler’s sublime soprano solo from his fourth symphony for clarinet, piano and soprano is an event not to be missed. Eatock’s work is passionate and moving and Vaughan Williams’ is sure to be a treat for the audience!

Featured Program

Mahler "Wir geniessen die himmlischen Freuden" (The Heavenly Life) from his 4th symphony Arranged by Arnon Zimra for trio

Vaughan-Williams Three Vocalises

Collin Eatock Ashes of Soldiers

and much more!